Children's Social Care

In Kirklees we are focused on outcomes more than process and believe that to achieve the best outcomes for local citizens we need to be thinking “People, Place, Partners” and “working with rather than doing to.” We have a significant programme of investment in the physical infrastructure of our towns and villages that builds on our rich history. We are committed to an inclusive Kirklees and to ensuring that everyone benefits from improved outcomes.

Children and our services to young people are the heart of our vision and we are investing accordingly. Within our Children and Families Directorate, the Council and its partners are responding to our challenges and are determined to deliver long-term change with pace, determination and focus.

Improving outcomes for children and young people is our number one priority, and we have a rigorous and robust implementation plan to achieve this.

We have a range of qualified and unqualified roles across our Children's Social Work Teams, from Residential Care Officer to Independent Review Officers and we're looking for more dedicated people to join our fantastic teams.

Please see current vacancies below and for more information on careers such as Social Work or Residential Care visit our dedicated information pages.

Find out more about working in Children's Social Work in Kirklees.

Find out more about working in Children's Residential Care in Kirklees.

Returning to Social Work

Getting back into the world of Social Work after time away can be hard, but with the right support you can regain the confidence and knowledge you need to get back to making a difference to people’s lives. Kirklees Council recognises that everyone’s circumstances are different and that some people may have maintained their Social Work registration but have not recently practiced as a Social Worker or may have lost their Social Work registration. 

Kirklees Return to Social Work Programme enables returnee Social Workers to return to practice in a supportive manner whilst meeting the requirements of Social Work England. 

So, if you’re  a qualified Social Worker looking to return to practice we’d love to hear from you, in the meantime please take a look as to what we have to offer.

For further information please contact Caroline Money or Helen Wheat, Practice Educator Consultants, 01484 221000 or email